Understanding as the greatest need of common people of India and definite solution of drawbacks of Indians, Yes India Foundation prefer ever educational entities. They are the largest project of the foundation.

We see students are plants cultivated in the society. They should not be ruined, uprooted due to unfavourable currents of the society. So, YES plans to empower them until they can withstand in every flow of community; acquiring the quality-based education, proper practices, chances to express, coaching to sharpen; to find out the solutions in the societies. YES defines the intelligence itself as foresaid qualities. ...

Deviating from a certificate/rank/marks-oriented syllabus, YES works for empowering the quality of students. To reach to those objectives, YES India Foundation runs each institution upon each perfect curriculum to lead the students to the intended realm, aiming the brightening of students’ future. We dream each student being capable of finding the solutions and guiding the society. YES curricula are scientifically planned by educationalists, affordable by each level of students.

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